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Our ministry understands how crazy and distracting life can be. Sometimes it's hard to feel or see God in the midst of a really fast moving society. That's why here at Smcc we welcome retreat groups year round to get away and redirect their lives on what really matters. Our staff is dedicated to helping all our groups in accomplishing that goal.

Our Menu

We provide multiple food options to meet the needs of any retreat group visiting SMCC


Our ministry wants to provide the most exciting and memorable stay for your time at our camp. We offer a various number of different activities upon request. All activities are operated by our trained onsite staff. Contact our camp office for more details. Activities on campus are designed to be operated 1-2 hours.  Most activities differ in prices:

On Campus:

Gravity Zipline: is 300 ft. of galvanized steel cable professionally made. Onced harnessed in it is designed for users to zip into our lake for an experience that is rarely offered anywhere else. Zipline is accessible for customers 60 lbs and above. Price: ($150)

Giant Swing: is designed for customers who want to push their limits to the extreme. Harnessing you in and pulling you up the swing for you to release a device that begins your swing propelling you 60ft into the air at max altitude. Swing is accessible to all ages. Price: ($150) 

Obstacle/Team Building Course: is a series of activities designed for team building exercises and a physical challenge. Course is accessible to all ages. Price: ($100)


Climbing Wall: Our 50ft climbing wall is designed to be conquered by all ages while we have 2 walls with multiple ranges of difficulty. Price: ($150)


Guided Hike: Camp offers a various number of different hikes around the national forest  designed for any level of difficulty that ranges from easy to extreme. Age limit may vary as well as pricing. ($200) 

Guided Jump Day: Camp offers a guided day along the Tellico river. During the day we will stop at multiple different locations to jump and swim. During the trip we will also stop at Bald River Falls which is the 3rd tallest waterfall in East Tennessee towering at 90 feet it is a sight like no other.($200)

Guided Repelling: This is one of the most exciting excersions that we offer where we hike up 1 mile to the top of Star Mountain for an 80ft rope repel. Price: ($500)

White Water Rafting: God moves in white water! Join us on a lead rafting day down the Hiwassee River (more for beginners) or on the Ocoee River (more advanced). Price: ($40-$45 a person)

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