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Our Facilities

Our camp contains 60 acres of land located in the Cherokee National Forest with a 7 acre lake that includes the following:


  • Our full indoor court basketball gymnasium with a multitude of different sports equipment for different games. Inside you will find a 9 square court which is often used on the North side of the gym. Also it is completed with indoor lights for night time activities as well. 

  • Our beautiful hand built Chapel is equipped with surround sound technology for a wonderful worship experience. Its max capacity holds roughly 120-150 people for standing room and 100 for sitting. Our chapel contains 8 pews and roughly 100 chairs upon request. Ac & heating included.

  • Our Dining hall contains a full serviced kitchen with heating & AC. Sitting room for roughly 130 people that includes an outside dining area. Also equipped with public restrooms located in the middle of camp.

  • Our playground has just about everything to offer including benches for faculty/parents to watch their children. The playground is also completely fenced in to ensure the containment and protection of the children. 

  • Our lodge is the homebase of camp which includes our office with fiber internet. The full serviced nurses station which includes the A.E.D incast of emergency. Upstairs you will find a series of rooms designed for married couples or elderly. This building is the most centralized location on campus which makes it the easiest to navigate the camp from.

  • Our cabins are located in four different locations on our lakefront housing a total of 54 beds for people. It can hold more people upon request, but the beds will be put on the floor. They include 2 bathrooms in each equipped with showers and toilets. All of our cabins are complete with AC & heating.

  • In the wake of losing our dorms in October of 2021 we have finally finished the building of 3 new cabins behind our lodge. These cabins are more up to date in their design while being able to still sleep 16 people in each cabin

  • Our Field is roughly 4 acres of flat land designed from a multitude of games such as soccer, frisbee, kickball etc.

  • Our 7 acre lake is one of the most exciting aspects of our camp. It includes kayaks, canoes, zipline, high dive, rope swings, and a beach area. All swimmers are required to follow the lake rules upon use.

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