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Smoky Mountain Christian Camp is keeping the cost of summer camp as well as retreats as affordable as any camp that offers what we offer.  The camp is able to do much with little resources because of the volunteers who make the camp what it is and because of the blessing of God.  The camp stays affordable through Church giving and individual supporters. The camp can continue to make improvements and do even greater things than these with the help of more individuals.  Support the camp and join our team and ministry. It is a blessing to partner with Smoky Mountain Christian Camp. This is an opportunity to partner with a ministry that has brought so many people into a relationship with Christ, continues to send out young people into full time Christian service, and is dedicated in bringing each person into a closer walk with God.


Dear Faithful Supporters of SMCC,


Blessings and Peace to you for your continued support of the ministry of Smoky Mountain Christian Camp! Our camp is so blessed by our supporters and we are grateful for your continued faithfulness.


Since the camp’s founding in 1976, there is no doubt the countless decisions made to follow Jesus have had a lasting impact on the Kingdom of God. Over the last five years the camp has hosted 400+ campers each summer, with the exception of our shortened summer schedule in 2020 due to Covid-19. However, this past Summer camp attendance rebounded and we had the opportunity to minister to over 400 campers again, and witnessed 30+ baptisms over the 2021 camp season! PRAISE GOD!


While we are constantly blessed by God, SMCC hasn’t been without hardship. Most recently, at the end of October, SMCC suffered the loss of our dorms by fire. However, SMCC stands firm on the mission to which God has called us. Through all the ups and downs, God continues to send young people to SMCC to hear the Gospel, grow closer to Christ, and build lasting relationships year after year. We will endure and continue the work as God leads us. We shall never grow weary of doing good!


We are grateful the money received from Brotherhood Mutual is expected to cover the rebuilding of the girls’ dorms, but there is more work to be done! Because the dorms will not be completed in time for the 2022 summer camp season, we will need to house campers, faculty, and staff in other areas of the camp. We want to be able to use every safe and available amount of living space possible to make Camp the best it can be! 


Therefore, the Executive Board of SMCC is asking you to prayerfully consider donating to the next phase of camp improvements so we will be ready to receive campers, retreat groups, and share the Gospel! 

Our financial goal is to raise $150,000 over the course of 2022 to make many of these improvements to our property and facilities, which include:

            - Professional Electrical service upgrades

            - Remodeling existing facilities for use during camp season and retreats

            - Updates and repairs to the boys’ side bathrooms in the lodge, and cabins

            - Partial remodel of the upper barn area behind the Chapel

            - Repair of the bathrooms in the rear Chapel area

            - Updating the Wilderness camp area for regular use

            - Addition of designated family and staff housing.

            - Hiring an additional full-time camp support staff member


We ask you in 2022 to consider how your family can participate in this campaign. Thank you for continuing to send your families to camp, for volunteering your time and energy at SMCC, and for your ongoing financial support. We truly believe with all our hearts, “Camp is Good, but God is Great!”, We ask God to continue to do good for this ministry.  We believe not only can He do that, but He can do more than we even imagine (Ephesians 3:20)!


SMCC Executive Team


Any person who commits to a monthly donation to the camp's ministry will become a "Friend Of The Camp" and can receive monthly newsletters year-round regarding the impact of the ministry, specific monetary needs, prayer requests, and other opportunities to serve. 

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