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Please rate your skill/experience in the following areas on a scale of 1 (almost nonexistent) to 10 (certified expert)

As you are applying for a summer staff position, we do require that you be here all summer. Summer staff orientation begins May 27th and the last day of camp is July 26th. While we do make special exceptions in extreme situations, as general rule, we are only interested in applicants who can commit to the entire summer.)

Pay and time requirements will be discussed during the face-to face-interview.

By signing my name below I affirm that I accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God and trust Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

By signing my name below, I affirm that I have completed truthfully and further give authorization to SMCC personnel to confer with the references listed in this application regarding my previous work history and performance or other information that might be beneficial. I also give SMCC personnel to submit my information for a background check through whichever agency they see fit.

By signing my name below, I affirm that I have thoroughly read the summer staff qualifications and information section of this application.

Please enclose a recent photo of yourself.

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