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Our ministry understands how crazy and distracting life can be. Sometimes it's hard to feel or see God in the midst of a really fast moving society. That's why here at Smcc we welcome retreat groups year round to get away and redirect their lives on what really matters. Our staff is dedicated to helping all our groups in accomplishing that goal.


Our camp contains 60 acres of land located in the Cherokee National Forest with a 7 acre lake that includes the following:


  • Our full indoor court basketball gymnasium with a multitude of different sports equipment for different games. Inside you will find a 9 square court which is often used on the North side of the gym. Also it is completed with indoor lights for night time activities as well.  

  • Our beautiful hand built Chapel is equipped with surround sound technology for a wonderful worship experience. Its max capacity holds roughly 120-150 people for standing room and 100 for sitting. Our chapel contains 8 pews and roughly 100 chairs upon request. Ac & heating included.

  • Our Dining hall contains a full serviced kitchen with heating & AC. Sitting room for roughly 130 people that includes an outside dining area. Also equipped with public restrooms located in the middle of camp.

  • Our playground has just about everything to offer including benches for faculty/parents to watch their children. The playground is also completely fenced in to ensure the containment and protection of the children. 

  • Our lodge is the homebase of camp which includes our office with fiber internet. The full serviced nurses station which includes the A.E.D incast of emergency. Upstairs you will find a series of rooms designed for married couples or elderly. This building is the most centralized location on campus which makes it the easiest to navigate the camp from.

  • Our cabins are located in four different locations on our lakefront housing a total of 54 beds for people. It can hold more people upon request, but the beds will be put on the floor. They include 2 bathrooms in each equipped with showers and toilets. All of our cabins are complete with AC & heating.

  • Our dormitory building is located in the main part of camp composed of 6 separate dorms housing 12 beds in each. They are equipped with 3 toilets and 2 showers in each dorm. They also are all complete with AC & heating.

  • Our Field is roughly 4 acres of flat land designed from a multitude of games such as soccer, frisbee, kickball etc.

  • Our 7 acre lake is one of the most exciting about our camp. It includes kayaks, canoes, zipline, high dive, rope swings, and a beach area. All swimmers are permittied to follow the lake rules upon use.


Our ministry wants to provide the most exciting and memorable stay for your time at our camp. We offer a various number of different activities upon request. All activities are operated by Levi Braziel who is a certified professional. Contact our camp office for more details. Activities on campus are designed to be operated 1-2 hours.  Most activities differ in prices:


Gravity Zipline: is 300 ft. of galvanized steel cable professionally made. Onced harnessed in it is designed for users to zip into our lake for an experience that is rarely offered anywhere else. Zipline is accessible for customers 60 lbs and above. Price: ($100)

Giant Swing: is designed for customers who want to push their limits to the extreme. Harnessing you in and pulling you up the swing for you to release a device that begins your swing propelling you 60ft into the air at max altitude. Swing is accessible to all ages. Price: ($100) 

Obstacle/Team Building Course: is a series of activities designed for team building exercises and a physical challenge. Course is accessible to all ages. Price: ($50) 

Guided Hike: Camp offers a various number of different hikes around the national forest  designed for any level of difficulty that ranges from easy to extreme. Age limit may vary as well as pricing. (Price varys) 

Guided Jump Day: Camp offers a guided day along the Tellico river. During the day we will stop at multiple different locations to jump and swim. During the trip we will also stop at Bald River Falls which is the 3rd tallest waterfall in East Tennessee towering at 90 feet it is a sight like no other.($150)

See the Zipline in action!

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See the V-Swing in action!

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