We need you!
Dear Partners of Smoky Mountain Christian Camp,

  It is by the grace of God and His unending faithfulness that SMCC continues to provide an atmosphere of transformation and dedication to the Gospel in the lives of young people in and around TN. We welcomed another fantastic year at SMCC with camper attendance reaching 430 for the season, which is an increase of 50 campers over the 2015 camp season and an increase of 100 campers from the 2014 camp season. Along with enjoying rising attendance numbers since 2012, and an ever-growing desire for our young people to experience God on a deeper level, this year's camp season welcomed 60 new members into the family of God through baptism and witnessed numerous rededications to the faith. Praise God!
  With our record growth over the past 3 seasons, and our continuing strides toward excellence in all aspects of SMCC, we are faced with an immediate need in our food storage, preparation, and service area. Thanks to all the supporting churches, faithful friends of the camp, and the volunteers of Gap Creek Christian Church, the kitchen went through a much needed overhaul just a few short years ago. However, in order to keep up with the increasing demands on our kitchen facilities the board of SMCC is asking you, past and present and future partners, for your help in this area again.
  As many of you know, the kitchen staff currently uses 8 traditional refrigerator/freezer units to store all cold/frozen perishable food items. These 8 individual units take up valuable space that the staff needs to execute the enormous task of preparing and serving 3 meals a day for 50 to 130 people during the camp and retreat season. The use of these basic units also limits the amount of perishable cold storage items the camp can keep on-hand, often resulting in commercial food deliveries multiple times a week; thus putting unnecessary strain on our dedicated camp cook, summer staff, and volunteers. Therefore, it is our desire to purchase and install a walk-in refrigerator and freezer on to the back of the kitchen in order to provide high capacity, efficient, cold storage during the busy camp season, and to continue to service the growing retreat groups with excellence for many years to come.

We estimate the cost of this project to be $15,000, which includes:
- The purchase, delivery, and installation of the walk-in style refrigerator and freezer units.
- 3-4 stainless steel commercial prep tables to add usable workspace in the kitchen.
- The construction of a recommended awning over the units on the loading dock behind the kitchen.
- 1-year maintenance warranty.

  Our goal and our prayer, as always, is to continue to provide the best environment possible for our young people to hear the Gospel preached and to come to know God on a deeper level. However, we cannot do it without your continued faithful support. Please pray for this immediate need and for the continuing ministry of Smoky Mountain Christian Camp.

If you would like to donate toward this project, or would like more information, please contact Billy Clark, Camp Manager, at 423-261-2197, or click on the donation tab at the top of the page to donate electronically.
Thanks for your continued support and your partnership in the gospel.


Billy Clark
Smoky Mountain Christian Camp

Friends of Camp
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