We need you!

Dear Partners of Smoky Mountain Christian Camp,

  It is by the grace of God and His unending faithfulness that SMCC continues to provide an atmosphere of transformation and dedication to the Gospel in the lives of young people in and around TN. We welcomed another fantastic year at SMCC with camper attendance reaching 495 for the season. This is the largest number of campers we have ever seen come through during a summer camp season.
    With our numbers during the summer and the rest of the year continuing to grow, we really need to hire another full time staff position.  We want to do this as well as continue make improvements in our facilities while remaining one of the most affordable places to send your kids to camp.  It is our goal to get another 100 "Friends of the Camp" in order for us to be able to do this.  Friends of the camp are people who are willing to give at least $10 per month.  Please contact me Billy Clark at clarkbnj9@aol.com or 423-261-2197 in order to become a friend of the camp and get on the mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter.  It is easy to give by just clicking on the donate button above. Thanks for your consideration.

Friends of Camp
Friends of the camp are individuals who give at least $10 per month to the camp to help make the camp affordable for kids to come to camp, and groups to use the camp. We would love to have you be one of those individuals.  Please contact the camp manager to sign up to become a friend of the camp.
Make a Donation
If you would like to make a donation please click on the paypal button at the top to do so. You can either make a one time donation or click on the box next to the amount you donate to make it a monthly donation of the amount of your desire. If you do not have a paypal account you can still go here and use a credit card or a bank account.  Of course, you can always send a check instead if you would rather. We are just trying to make it easiest for you.