About Smoky Mountain Christian Camp
Smoky Mountain Christian Camp was brought into existence in 1976. Camp weeks had previously taken place at Johnson Bible College, which is now Johnson University. The desire came to take the weeks of camp off of the College grounds, so the Smoky Mountain Men's Fellowship researched and decided to purchase land in Coker Creek, TN; where the camp continues to thrive. Albert Dickson was the first to act as the manager of the camp. Other managers included brief stints by David Poe, Dale Peterson, Jim Gaither, and Scott Branson. Bill Clark became the camp manager in 1990 and stayed full time at the camp until 2012. Billy Clark, Bill Clark's son, came onto the staff full time in 1996 and is the current camp manager.   

Each year the camp sets goals of improvement. Those improvements include facility improvements and improvements in many other areas. The most visible improvements in the last few years are the building of the log gym, the remodeling of the kitchen, the upgrades of the bathrooms in the dining hall, and the creation of the office, the nurse's station, and nurse's quarters in the lodge.

This year the goals for our facilities are to have central heat and air conditioning in the dining hall and kitchen; get a new school bus to drive kids around on activities; and to get reliable high speed internet.
Current Camp Staff                                  
Billy Clark:  Camp Manager
Billy Clark has been on staff full time since 1996 when he graduated from Johnson Bible College. He started the wilderness camp program which is now called adventure weeks. His hobbies include just about all sports and then recreational activities that include hiking, biking, and traveling. His heart is for God and for his family that extends out to the summer camp staff. He has a CDL for driving the bus for most groups and has training in CPR; lifeguarding; High and Low Ropes Course; and Group Game Facilitation.

Levi Braziel: Outdoor Rec. Director

Levi has been working at camp for 7 years now. His job on staff is to maintain the camp and interact with all the groups. He loves the outdoors and engaging with all our retreats and leads most of the adventures year round. He has a huge passion for Christ and loves serving him in the outdoor community. Levi is also certified in: Wilderness first response, Tactical rescue rappelling, Lifeguarding, AED, Advanced first aid.